Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

Tie the Knots in the Sun City: Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

Destination wedding in the desert backdrops is much more fun if you have singled out Jodhpur- the blue city of Royal Rajasthan. Rangilo Rajasthan gets a fun twist with the rocky and dusty mystic aura of the Marwar. Jodhpur offers the excellent Rajputi grandeur combined with contemporary art- You have a perfect destination with you.

Destination Wedding Planner in Jodhpur

Jodhpur has rightly been called Sun city in the popular culture for the golden beams that brighten the mood all round the year. Jodhpur takes pride in the lush, luxuries properties it has to offer coupled with excellent connectivity by air, road and rails.We present you some of the finest properties of Jodhpur yo can choose as venue to make your events much more grand.

  • Ideal weather conditions for couples living in colder climate;
  • Connectivity with major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmadabad, and Mumbai by air, road, railway;
  • Iconic wedding settings with a backdrop rich in history and architecture;
  • Each hotel and resort is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary comforts and palatial layout
  • Option for candid photos at spectacular surroundings of Mehrangarh fort for a pre wedding shoot;
  • The blue painted old city, flea market, desert, food, folk entertainment and a lot more.

Jodhpur is not only a great place for those longing a royal destination wedding; it’s also a picture perfect place for couples, who want to spend some quality time with their dear ones amidst the serene nature and golden desert.

Plan a Big Fat Royal Wedding in Jodhpur: Top Wedding Venues

From top palaces to contemporary hotels, Moving Knots knows about the Destination for weddings in Jodhpur more than anyone else. Reason, the ethos to make you feel the sense of perfection with our magical touch is running across the team. Below is a list of top destination wedding venues in Jodhpur that are awarded as the most favorite sites by couples from across the geographies:

Umaid Bhawan

Just like Agra is incomplete without the mention of the Taj Mahal same is the case with Jodhpur-Umaid Bhawan. This is one of the last palaces turned luxurious hotels that will give you the warmth of Royal grandeur enough to leave you spellbound. Remember the much publicized Elizabeth Herley and Arun Nayyar wedding? Well they had their dream destination wedding solemnised here in Umaid bhawan palace.

Ajit Bhawan

Want to dwell in the Rajasthani history and Rajputi Shaan? Ajit Bhawan is the right place for you. Ajit Bhawan takes pride in being India’s First Heritage Hotel. They are specialists in designing signature royal weddings and have served Who’s Who of the nation. Aesthetically pleasing designs, rock cut fountains, massive entrances, regal food all offer you the nostalgia of past “rajwadas” and give you a perfect fairy tale wedding destination.

Vivanta- Taj Hari Mahal

With rather futuristic design this hotel doles out some major twenty first century luxurious ensembles. Soak in the experience of being in a oasis in the middle of desert with 21st century comfort and services. This hotel is also a part of the group to which Umaid bhawan belongs to.

Indana Palace

This is a perfect fusion of royal elegance and modern luxury. A wedding here transforms from simple rituals to once in a lifetime-grand event. Your wedding becomes a festival that Indana palace celebrates with full vigour and in Style.

Welcome ITC hotel- Jodhpur

This luxurious hotel is a part of the ITC hotel chain. In the arid landscape of Rajasthan you get to experience the serenity and sombre here. Food, culture, music and ethnic rustiness amalgamates beautifully over here to create a magic that leaves visitors in awe.

Mihir Garh palace

Mihir Garh-widely acclaimed as the Fort of Sun, offers you everything you can imagine. Only 6kms from Mehrangarh Fort, Mihir Garh brings to you the dusty aura, lush view, modern amenities and an experience to fondly remember forever.