Cost of Destination Wedding Planning in Udaipur

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October 17, 2018
Udaipur as a Destination Venue
October 17, 2018

So you have finalized Udaipur for your dream wedding and are wondering about cost of destination wedding in Lake City? Well congratulations first of all- you are on the track to have an awesome fairy tale wedding thanks to the beauty Udaipur has in store for you. Now let us delve deeply into the number game J

Cost of destination wedding in Udaipur isn’t way too extravagant that you will have to empty your pocket. Udaipur hosts theme and destination wedding of all genres be it a royal one or a traditional one, it won’t cost you a fortune. Of course you can dive deep in this pool but there are still plenty of options for those running tight on budget. Here is a low down….

  1. Let us deal first with cost of Royal wedding in Udaipur weighing high on luxuries and less on cost cutting: the most notable, luxurious and 7/5 star avenues are mostly located in and around the prestigious Fatehsagar lake, lake Pichhola etc. Their charging system varies with the number of minimum guests- if you have limited number of guests expect around Rs 10K to 12K per person while if you have an extended guest list high on number you can expect a little change in price, however, this is subject to the management policies of the hotel and negotiating capacities. But do not expect difference of a bomb in both the pricing. To give you an estimate suppose you are expecting 250 guests and price per guest is somewhere around 10K per guest then budget for one night event reaches to 25 Lakhs. In case you had planned the Mehendi night and the D-day both in Udaipur then the budget would be 50 Lakhs. If the budget permits you can also opt for night stay in palatial hotels that costs around Rs 35K per guest for one night.
  2. There are also good hotels that aren’t historical but are built on similar lines. You can choose them as per your liking and it would cost around Rs3000 to 5000 per guest for basic decoration, banqueting and a gala meal. This way the cost of Royal wedding in Udaipur won’t exceed preposterously for you and your dream can be turned into reality. Just remember that you will have to book well in advance because these places have pretty jam packed schedule. Any customization on your behalf in terms of decoration, food, lighting, theme, entertainment can increase the cost as these are value added services.

Miscellaneous Costs: though sky is the limit when it comes to determining the cost for Destination wedding in Udaipur put breaking it up in terms of flower decoration, theme, lighting, music, Mandap and other such arrangements then it can range anywhere around Rs 9 to 11 Lakhs. For even more exotic touches, special set designers and professional services the budget can reach up to 30 Lakhs.

This is entirely an estimate and is bound to vary with different needs, venues and events.

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