Do I really need a Wedding Planner?

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March 19, 2019
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Wedding is one of the most important events in anyone life and everyone want to make that event memorable for themselves and their guest and to do so they really need a perfect Wedding Planner. A wedding planner is a professional who assists with the designing, planning, and managing a client’s wedding. A wedding planner makes all the possible arrangement so that your wedding becomes outstanding. People often get confused between Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist just because both almost have same role, so before we move forward its really important to clear what exactly the role of Wedding Stylist and Wedding Planner and whom service you should choose  to seize for your big day.

Role of Wedding Planner:

Wedding Planners also known as coordinators and event planners will help you organize your big day and he is also one of your professional guides that will stay with you through every aspect of your planning and delivering process. Some duties of Wedding Planner are:

  • First of all, they start off by meeting the wedding couple so to understand the events- not only the wedding day but also other related events too.
  • After knowing all requirements of couple they review the overall budget.
  • Assist them in selecting the best suppliers, venues and vendors that have a mutual fit with your budget.
  • One of the most important duties of Wedding Planner is to understand the style, colors, taste and vibes of couple.

Advantages of Hiring Wedding Planner:

Hiring a professional Wedding Planner will give you a big sigh of relief. Except of taking the pressure off from you and your fiancé, here are some of the pros that leave most couples happy with their choice to work with professional.

  • Many of us don’t have any idea about what photography and Cake cost. Having a professional Wedding Planner in your court will help you allocate your budget based on what things are most important to you.
  • Relation of your wedding Planner with local vendors will help you to score discounts on various things such as photography, decoration and dinner. One of the most frustrating parts of wedding is finding a professional that is not only reputable and reliable, but also a match for your style and within budget.
  • Planners help you with your issue that what needs to get done and when you need to do it such as scheduling a final fitting and mailing invitations.
  • Wedding Planner has cool ideas that you haven’t thought of! Many couples don’t want their wedding to be just like a ordinary wedding, so planner have a unique ideas in their mind so that your wedding doesn’t look like a ordinary one.
  • They also prevent potential fall with friends and family. Many couple just rely on their relative to manage things and if they fall in completing that task , then just think how your relationship will get affected.
  • So at last, its really nice to have someone who cares just as much about your wedding as you do and is always available for your help.

These are some of the roles and advantages of hiring a professional Wedding Planner. Having professional Wedding Planner such as Moving Knots, No. 1 Wedding Planner in Udaipur will assure you a wedding that you always dream of.

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