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August 18, 2018
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If you have been worrying about having a gorgeous destination wedding at an exotic place, look no further! Destination Wedding Planner in udaipur, Moving Knots, saves you from all troubles. Today’s article shares some do’s and Don’ts that can make your big day run flawlessly.


1. Know yourself: Before finalising the destination wedding location, know your needs and constraints. You need to ponder over the time spent in travelling, commutation means, travel costs and distance beforehand. If your spouse or your close family members suffer from nausea or travel sickness you might want to choose a location that is relatively near and most probably travel by air. Budget also plays an important role in finalising the location. In case you are tight on budget, air travel costs shall pose a burden, and a journey by train would be more feasible. Similarly, time is another crucial factor. If you are short on budget as well as time you need to choose a location that is within 3-4 hours travel distance.


2. Stop procrastinating: Last minute changes and decisions are an absolute no-no for a destination wedding. Plan in advance for at least 6 months, so that, your guests have time to take care of their traveling arrangements and book flights/ trains accordingly. Apart from travelling, you need to be well prepared with complete shopping done at least a month before and all your stuff packed properly at least 15 days in advance.


3. Visit your venue: In spite of having best wedding planners like Moving Knots, it is highly advised to visit your venue well in advance. Every bride and groom has a dream of their own and visiting your venue beforehand helps you in chipping in your ideas and conveying them to your wedding planner.


4. Prepare your guest list judiciously: Instead of chalking out a guest list restlessly, relax and assume that each of your invited guests would definitely come, then prepare a guest list that you can really afford to entertain.


5. Go local and know your curfew: Consider sourcing and arranging for flowers, décor and perishable items locally. Local fruits, flowers and other such perishable items are not only cheap as they save you from transportation costs but are also fresh. Ask your wedding planner for popular local delicacies, décor flowers and items and collaborate with such vendors. Similarly, every place has its own restrictions. Get acquainted with local rules through your wedding planner. For example, know if there is any time limit on late night parties or noise restrictions. Generally after 10 PM DJs and playing music on loudspeakers in residential areas isn’t allowed. Being aware of all such rules, curfews and restrictions saves you from unpleasant conditions. Prevention is better than cure and your wedding is a big day, so make sure, the day goes flawlessly awesome.


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