Top 3 reasons why you need a good destination wedding planner

Do’s and Don’ts to have a wonderful destination wedding
October 17, 2018

Weddings are once in the lifetime occasion that needs to be special, irrespective of the scale or the style of the wedding. Since destination wedding is a huge rage these days, the one question persistently raising its head is: do we really need a wedding planner or is it just another style statement? Today’s blog answers the question and we tell you why it is a wise move to hire professionals


They are THERE: Imagine going to a brand new location and trying to figure out your way as a tourist. Even often hear scam stories from our friends and family members how they got duped at a foreign place. Now imagine organizing a mass event without having any roots at a location you aren’t familiar with. You open yourself up to unknown dangers, unpredictability, scams and last moment hysteria. This is why hiring a professional wedding planner company is the wise move especially when opting for destination wedding. A wedding planner company knows the area very well and is equipped to deal with all the local issues. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy your day.


The Vendor negotiations: Every place has its famous and not so famous vendor right from catering service to the flower suppliers. Being new to the place, there are high chances you might end up with the wrong one. What’s more, you have no idea about the prevalent market rate or the bargaining/ negotiation level. A professional wedding planner has extensive experience in organizing hundreds of weddings which gives them the required edge over dealing with vendors. They know the prevalent rates and tactics required in negotiating with vendors and getting the work done. From the famous local paanwala to the fresh flower supplier, the wedding planner knows who is the best and at what rate to hire.


The last minute hiccups: There are many last minute crises in a wedding and it is nearly impossible to avoid them even if you plan well ahead. From missing ‘shagun wala nariyal’ to an important guest falling ill, anything can happen anytime and it is just not possible to predict. But with a professional wedding planner you can always handle the crisis well. They know the local market, area around and what- is- found- where. They would forage through the market and bring the best coconut within minutes or take the ill relative to the nearest hospital immediately. A wedding planner is must to make the event flow smoothly and perfectly. It is the most memorable day for the bride, groom and their family. They deserve all those happy carefree moments and a wedding planner makes sure they get that.

A good wedding planner is more than just the organizer. They become a part of your wedding connecting emotionally and work in the best possible way to make the best day of your life flawless. Moving Knots- is one such reputed name renowned for its superior services. To organize destination weddings at Udaipur, Goa, Kumbhalgarh contact them NOW!

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