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February 27, 2019
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Falling in love with one you love the most in this world and staying with him for lifelong is best feeling of world. When one plans a wedding, they have lots of things in mind regarding their marriage that is what’s the décor of their dream wedding, venue, food and most importantly themes of wedding. From pink of her cheeks, or blue of his eyes, the traveller in her or artist in him, we definitely know each and every shade of your better half, so why not to reflect it in front of crowd! After all, love is in details.

C heck out some of the Wedding Themes, which are perfect for your big day.  For planning perfect theme for your wedding, you can run horses of your creativity or simply hire the best Wedding Planner in Udaipur to execute these modern wedding themes to make your wedding memorable for you and your guest.

#Royal Wedding Theme

Wedding is once-in-a time event and couples spend hefty to make everything go as they want. Most of us love Royal theme that doesn’t look royal but also make everyone feel royal. Indian culture and heritage make everyone feel intrigued about royal wedding.

#Arabian Night Themes

This theme is perfect theme for those who love bright color tones and want their wedding to be exciting for them and their love ones. While having Arabian theme, you can turn your entire wedding feel like you’re in desert and have belly dancers sway to the Arabic tunes.

Sabine Poisson , wedding, June 2010

#Bollywood Style

Getting married in bollywood style is another dream wedding for every Indian especially for those who have grown up watching plenty of bollywood movies. There are several movies in bollywood from where you can get plenty of idea on how your dream bollywood wedding should be. All you have to be is to get sure that constant song should get play in background to match up to theme.

#Fairytale Theme

Most girl from childhood dream of having a wedding like a fairytale and gifting them a perfect fairytale theme wedding is something that they’d love over any other theme. A fairytale theme wedding requires everything need to look too good to be true to give bride a fairy-like feeling.

These are some of the themes that surely blow yours and your relative mind and for all these themes; you definitely need good venue that have large space, Interiors and all other relative factors that will help you figure out what theme you want for your wedding.

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